About Superpop

As our business has grown we have established specialised web sites to assist our customers in finding products & services provided by the Superpop Group. We have a team of experienced people providing our customers with top quality products followed by conveniently located warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Auckland for speedy distribution.

Packaging :

We currently supply a number of companies with their own packaging ranging from paper boxes to paper or plastic cups to supplies such as straws & lids. Some is manufactured in partnership with our manufacturing network overseas while others are manufactured locally by us. Our strength is the ability to produce low cost quality products designed to your artwork & needs.

Equipment :

By going to www.cinemaequipment.com.au you will be able to browse our range of equipment that we have in stock or equipment that we can get shipped to you from overseas. We are proud to say that we have the most extensive range of Cretors & Gold Medal fun food equipment available in Australia. Not only do we bring in specialty machinery for our customers we always have in stock a huge range of equipment for those customers that don’t want to wait. Sailing time ex USA is around 45 days but you also have to allow for the manufacture of the equipment & getting it overland to the docks. We always have a large range in stock – come & see us – don’t rely on a pretty photo from the web. And then when you have checked it out have the equipment shipped to your establishment without delay.

Popcorn :

By going to www.popcorn.com.au you will be able to check out our range of products that can be purchased in supermarkets, schools & shops & those that we make especially for our web customers. Panda popcorn was the first manufacturer of coloured popcorn & we still make to the original recipes. Movietime Popcorn introduced caramel, cheese & butter flavoured popcorn into supermarkets in the early 1990s years ahead of the competition. And now we are pioneering a new range of flavours & ideas for popcorn lovers. Please check them out on the web site. And keep checking regularly because we are moving into a range of high fibre, low fat, and fully flavoured popcorns suitable for people who want to look & live better.

Cinema :

By going to www.cinemasupplies.com.au all of our cinema customers can view our complete range of products available for immediate delivery when placing your regular order. As we supply goods to the vast majority of Australia’s cinemas we are proud to announce that we are the one-stop cinema shop. Go to this site for ingredients & candy bar packaging.

Cleaning :

By going to www.supercleaningproducts.com.au you can view our extensive range of products designed to keep your site clean. Our products range from the sanitising chemicals through to the equipment through to the necessary paper products in the washroom. Our distribution network means that these can be quickly & efficiently distributed throughout Australia with regular orders.

New Zealand :

Our Auckland warehouse was established to provide the same speedy, worry free delivery available to our customers in Australia. Our warehouse is full of items needed by our concessions customers & our buying power guarantees the availability of low cost, quality goods.